Shoes with a head and a heart!

The team

Winship is not a multi-national!

We are a team of 3 girls: Annabel who creates the collections, but also takes care of production, accounting, communication, and everything else that needs to be done to run a business; Marilyn and Roxane, the 2 super-girls of the store, who are there to welcome you, answer your questions and prepare your orders.

All this happens in Paris.

Before that, there is the work of Benilde, who is in Portugal in a village near Saint-Jean-de-Madère, and who manages all the manufacturing part. She is the one who organizes everything, so that Antonio and his wife can make the best models in their small factory.

Prices and manufacturing

We are sometimes told that our models have a certain price… it’s true.

But you should know that the series we manufacture are very small: often between 6 and 10 pairs per model!

The leathers too, are often made exclusively for us, with particular patterns, colors, obviously, in very small quantities.

All this has a cost, and we are well aware of this.

But we price our shoes right, we want to sell shoes at their fair value.

And it is not a question for us to “inflate” the prices, as we often see it, in order to be able to make promos and rebates…

We respect the legal periods of sales and organize, when we feel like it, “low price” events on old collections, to empty our stocks, and also to please our customers, obviously.

We are also very attentive to overproduction and we are very careful to follow the seasons: why sell sandals in February and furry boots in August?

Some models have become our “classics” over time, and are never sold out, and some old models come back in the collection from one year to the next. We believe that a beautiful shoe should not go out of fashion after 6 months or 1 year, and we are very proud of the timelessness of our collections!

Now you know everything…

And welcome to the Winship World!


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